• Garden coaching $35/hour
  • Landscape Consulting and Problem solving $75
  • Landscape Designing per bid
  • Landscape Installation per bid
  • Landscape Maintenance $35

We create breathtaking and deeply sustainable landscapes that soothe and/or excite you. Our 28 years of designing and installing customized landscapes will guarantee a garden tailored to your taste and lifestyle while still being respectful of the ecosphere. Once the constraints of the site are considered and functions of your garden are fulfilled, your wishes will be honored and you can chose from a list of possibilities or have a carefully orchestrated ensemble:

  • Texture harmonies
  • Hot color or subtle color harmonies
  • Lower maintenance (no garden is no maintenance!)
  • Iconic landscapes (English cottage, Japanese zen, Italian formal, American wildflower etc)
  • Drought tolerant (with the occasional touch of bold texture for contrast)
  • Artistic and/or faux tropical
  • High production landscapes: edible for people or birds; herbal, cut flower production; play areas

All of these, except for the faux tropical, the edible and some of the Iconic styles can be obtained using drought tolerant plants, but you might consider zoning your yard. This is done when a style of landscape or “must have plants” get placed near the house. But the farther you go from the house, the more drought tolerant plantings happen. This decreases your landscape’s overall carbon footprint since it takes fuel to purify and transport water to you.

Travel? Or Invest in a personalized landscape?

You can “get away” a lot cheaper (with less baggage!) and relax just as much by floating into your tranquil or gorgeously lush backyard as by dealing with airline security and jet lag.