Jenny Maxwell, Berkeley Hills:

“Thank you, thank you! You can’t even tell it’s the same yard!”

Jody & Lee Rusconi, Eureka:

“We were lucky to find Zephyr for our business’ landscaping needs. Zephyr’s skill was a key factor in turning the old Globe warehouse into a welcoming venue for the sale of high end jewelry at Graystone Jewelers. The plantings stayed healthy and vibrant, an alluring setting for our business. Were I to start any landscaping project, there would be no question. Call Zephyr!”

Barbara Butcher, Berkeley Flats:

“I love the colors! There’s so much and it’s so happy…And she was really easy to work with, that was a plus.” Barbara Butcher, Berkeley

Anne Braak Katz, Arcata:

Zephyr came into my yard with great knowledge of plants, and their pests. In addition she was thoughtful about what I envisioned in the yard when she came up with several fabulous ideas that I would never have thought of. She suggested additional plants that would work in certain areas as well as using what plants I already had in the yard and moving them around to create a more graceful, healthy, and visually pleasing garden. She is wonderful to work with, I would recommend her as a landscape consultant any day.

Melanie Patrick, Arcata:

Zephyr provided me with new eyes to view my garden space in a new way: texture, contrast and unifying colors! A delight to have her provide new ideas for my garden.

Terry Warren & David Murray, El Cerrito:

Zephyr’s ingenuity in addressing the challenges of our landscaping project saved us many headaches. As just one example, a previous landscaper had proposed using heavy equipment to re-grade our hillside to lay out the paths; this despite the steepness of the slope. Zephyr suggested that we instead make pathways out of limestone super thick “stepping stones” (actually large blocks of limestone) that fulfill the function beautifully and did not require either heavy equipment or the installation of extensive (and expensive!) retaining walls.